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What is a Recreation Council?

A Recreation Council is a group composed of interested community citizens, some of whom may represent community organizations concerned with recreation, and who are organized as a Council to coordinate, develop, and operate recreational programs within the community.


It is suggested that organizations in the community interested in recreation programs appoint representatives to be a member of the council. Civic groups, service clubs, men's and women's organizations, PTA's, Fire Divisions, etc., are examples of the kinds of organizations that would benefit from having representation on the Council. In addition to that, individuals interested in community recreation should be included.


Outside groups or associations wishing to merge with current Recreation Councils must submit a record of their "articles of dissolution" to the Council board prior to any consideration of formal association with the Council. Furthermore, the joining agency must merge all existing funds with that of the Council treasury. The Council must approve and record in their minutes the merger of funds, and the interested agency during a scheduled meeting.

Frederick County Staff Responsibilities

Each Recreation staff is assigned a recreation council to attend. It will be the responsibility of the Recreation staff through the Division of Parks and Recreation to:

  • Provide expertise in planning for recreation programs (how to set-up, train staff, supervise, evaluate, etc.)

  • Assist with giving councils scheduling priority for use of facilities under the control of the Division in the following order:

  • Provide the opportunity for council representation on community park master plan advisory committees.

  • Assign councils a deadline for submitting their annual reports.

  • Assist with communication between the Recreation Council and County Government on matters pertaining to Parks and Recreation. 

Frederick County Government's Role

Who Should Attend Meetings?

The Executive Board Members, Program Coordinators, and Special Committee Chair people should attend regularly. Any interested individual or volunteer with the Council may also attend. All Recreation Council Meetings are public events. 

Volunteer Expectations

How to Operate a Recreation Council

Legal Aspects of Recreation Councils

Recreation Council Tax Filing

IRS Information

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